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About Red Donut Shop

The Red Donut Shop is a family business, opened by brothers Saro, David, Vonnie and Sanya Vay on October 7, 2015. It is the only business in Lexington, North Carolina where you can get a wide variety of donuts and other treats made fresh and from scratch every day!

In a recent article in The Dispatch, David Vay said, “After the family escaped the war in Cambodia in the 1970’s, they came to America and learned how to make donuts. Everyone thought it was a good idea and taught it to each other. Now our extended family has donut shops around the country.” The Vay brothers learned it very well, indeed and have perfected what they learned. The Red Donut Shop is the only place where you can customize your donut with a choice of 6 different fillings!

The brothers moved to Lexington to be near their mother, who lived here. They graduated from Lexington High School, so know the community well and have connections throughout the county. They also credit the local leadership for making Lexington a business-friendly community.

The Vay brothers said they decided on the name “Red Donut Shop” because the shop is the former location of The Red Pig, a well-known restaurant that was opened by Allen Koontz in 1929. There is much folklore about original The Red Pig, including stories of it serving alcohol during prohibition. Unfortunately, the original owners are no longer around to be able to set the record straight. But locals know where it was located, and therefore know where to find the best donuts in Lexington!